Everyone needs to know about calling 911 in an emergency. But children in particular need specifics about what an emergency is. Asking your child, "What would you do if we had a fire in our house?" or "What would you do if you saw someone trying to break in?" gives you a chance to discuss what constitutes an emergency and what should be done if one occurs. Role playing is an especially good way to address various emergency scenarios and give your child the confidence he or she will need to handle them.


Station 51 - Headquarters
115 Schelter Road
Lincolnshire, IL 60069
847/634-2572 (fax)
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Station 52
855 Saunders
Riverwoods, IL 60015
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Station 53
671 Woodlands Parkway
Vernon Hills, IL 60061
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The Lincolnshire-Riverwoods Fire Protection District (LRFPD) protects a suburban community located in the Vernon Township on the southern border of Lake County, Illinois. The District came into existence in 1940 when it protected 25 square miles of a primarily rural area with a single fire engine and volunteer firefighters. In 1957 the Village of Lincolnshire was born followed by the Villages of; Vernon Hills in 1958, Riverwoods in 1959, and Mettawa in 1960. Today, due to annexations, the LRFPD protects 16 square miles with a population of 16,000.

As a Fire District, the LRFPD has no direct affiliation with the political entities that make up the Villages it protects. In order to overcome this disadvantage, the District strives to build and maintain positive relationships with the Village Staff and Board members for each community. In 2006, the Strategic Plan identified the need to nurture community relationships by assigning a District representative to each Village who would attend all Board Meetings and serve as a point of contact. This effort was well received and will continue for the foreseeable future.

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